Changes to Children's Ministry

We have made some changes to our work with our 0-7 age group. We hope that the changes will give a more "joined-up" feel to our work with this age group and have agreed to pilot this arrangement for 6 months, initially.

Wheelers and Squealers has amalgamated with the Mums and Tots that meet on Friday mornings at the Baptist Hall.
On the last Friday of each month, members of the St. Peter's Team will be there to meet with the children and their carers and lead a time of Bible story, prayer and action songs.
For further information contact:
Sheila Acreman 737223
Jan Hughes 737900

Creche during the 10 a.m. services at St. Peter's.
This is a new venture and we have set aside and eqipped an area in the North Aisle where our young families will find a welcoming space to nurse and play during the service if the children get restless.
Coffee available and a member of the congregation on hand to give support if needed.
For further information contact: Janet Collins 683030

Sunday Gang during the 10a.m. services at St. Peter's
This will happen when we have our rota of volunteer leaders in place.
The plan is to have an appropriate teaching, singing, creative time during part of the service, that will take place in our Upper Room on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month.
If you feel God could be calling you to this important work and could offer a block of 3 Sundays
please contact either
John Acreman 737223
Janet Collins 683030

Family Service at 10a.m. on the 1st Sunday each month at 10a.m.
This is an informal , child friendly, inter-active service, that is planned to last for 45mins.
For further information contact
John Acreman 737223
Janet Collins 683030