Hook Norton Celebration Dinner

The Hook Norton Celebration Dinner took place on Saturday 21 January and was attended by 44 people who enjoyed a meal cooked by Susannah Monelle and Philippa Collins prepared from locally sourced produce.

The following people were nominated by Hook Norton residents for their contributions to Hooky life and were honoured at the dinner:

  • Julie Wood for her commitment to Hook Norton Guides
  • Teash Prentice for her dedication to her job as school crossing patrol
  • Pat Stratford for running the day centre meals
  • Alrys Morris for helping run the playgroup for 40 years
  • Nigel Matthews for his help with village functions and needs
  • John Morris for his practical help to other villagers
  • Roger Hughes for his dedication to his job in all weathers
  • Ivor Matthews for his support of the Fire Service
  • Ian Kaye for his helpful, cheerful demeanour at the shop
  • Helen Foster for her work as joint editor of the Newsletter
  • Rosemary Allan for her work at the day centre
  • John and Rita Wheatley for their all round commitment to Hook Norton’s Community and interests
  • Barbara Hicks, Barbara and Pat Summerell for their work as curators of the village museum
  • Anne McKee - one of the very caring receptionists at the surgery
  • Nancy Longmore for the amount she raised with her floral day for Raise the Roof

In addition to the celebrating the contributions to Hooky life money was raised for the Church Raise the Roof! appeal of approx. £1100. Our sincere thanks to all who attended and helped in any way.